Arrow Notation

Arrow notation may refer to:

  • Conway chained arrow notation
  • Knuth's up-arrow notation
  • Arrow notation (Ramsey theory), or infinitary combinatorics

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Standardized System of Writing Very Large Numbers
... To compare numbers in scientific notation, say 5×104 and 2×105, compare the exponents first, in this case 5 > 4, so 2×105 > 5×104 ... with a power tower of 10s and a number at the top, possibly in scientific notation, e.g ... top does not make sense, so we can use the double-arrow notation, e.g ...
Tetration - Notation
... There are many different notation styles that can be used to express tetration ... Name Form Description Standard notation Used by Maurer and Goodstein Rudy Rucker's book Infinity and the Mind popularized the notation ... Knuth's up-arrow notation Allows extension by putting more arrows, or, even more powerfully, an indexed arrow ...
Ackermann Function - Definition and Properties
... versions of the Ackermann function the indexed version of Knuth's up-arrow notation (extended to integer indices ≥ -2) A(m, n) = The part of the definition A(m, 0) = A(m-1 ... Conway chained arrow notation A(m, n) = (2 → (n+3) → (m − 2)) − 3 for m > 2 hence 2 → n → m = A(m+2,n-3) + 3 for n>2 ... multi- and superfactorial functions, and even functions defined using Knuth's up-arrow notation (except when the indexed up-arrow is used) ...

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    Anton Petrovich turned into the passage, followed the arrow to men, mankind, human beings, marched past the toilet, past the kitchen, gave a start when a cat darted under his feet, quickened his step, reached the end of the passage, pushed open a door, and a shower of sunlight splashed his face.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)