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Battleships In World War II - Capabilities and Tactics - Aerial Defense - Armour
... Battleships had an armoured belt along the waterline ... I battleship, German and Italian World War II battleships had lighter upper armoured belts to protect sides up to the main or weather deck ... Main belt thickness along the waterline ranged from 10" to 15", upper belt thickness ranged from 4" to 10" ...
Scharnhorst Class Battleship - Design - Armour
... Their upper armoured deck was 50 mm (2.0 in) thick, and backed by the main armour deck ... The slopes connected to the lower edge of the main belt, an arrangement referred to as the "turtle deck." The slopes significantly increased armour protection in the ... The ships' vitals were well armoured against any caliber shell fired by battleships at the time at ranges where the shell would have to penetrate both the main belt and the sloping deck ...
FN MAG - Variants - British Subvariants
... feed mechanism and provision for 50 round belt-box ... notably the L8 (produced in the L8A1 and L8A2 versions), modified for mounting inside armoured vehicles (the L37 variant was developed for mounting ... These models all use the M13 ammunition belt ...

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