Arkansas National Guard - Military Support To Civilian Authorities (MSCA)

Military Support To Civilian Authorities (MSCA)

Upon the request of either the judge or sheriff of a county or the mayor of a city... ...whenever it is made to appear to the Governor that there is a breach of the peace, riot, resistance to process of this State, or disaster or imminent danger thereof... ...the Governor may order into the active service of the state... ...for such period, and to such extent, and in such manner as he may deem necessary, all or any part of the organized militia.

The intent is that the National Guard is called only when civilian resources have been used first and fully exhausted. While in this status, Guard units report only to military authorities, Guard Authorities do not replace Civilian Authorities. The use of the National Guard is intended as a temporary measure to prevent the loss of life or damage to property.

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Arkansas National Guard - Military Support To Civilian Authorities (MSCA) - Examples of MSCA Provided in A Title 32 Status - Operation Jump Start
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