Arkansas Activities Association - State Championships - Spring Sports - List of Arkansas State High School Softball Champions

List of Arkansas State High School Softball Champions

Fast Pitch
  • 2012 – Bryant, Lake Hamilton, White Hall, Nashville, Mansfield, Junction City, Taylor
  • 2011 – Bryant, Searcy, Wynne, Farmington, Atkins, Foreman, Nemo Vista
  • 2010 – Bryant, Mountain Home, Greenbrier, Nashville, Arkansas Baptist, Foreman, Armorel
  • 2009 – North Little Rock, Lake Hamilton, Wynne, Dardanelle, Perryville, Foreman, Scranton
  • 2008 – North Little Rock, Mountain Home, Nettleton, Ashdown, Elkins, Foreman, Nemo Vista
  • 2007 – Fayetteville, Lake Hamilton, Vilonia, Dardanelle, Elkins, Foreman, West Side GF
  • 2006 – Fayetteville, Marion, Central Arkansas Christian, Foreman, Lockesburg
  • 2005 – Benton, Batesville, Farmington, Arkansas Baptist, Taylor
  • 2004 – Benton, Hope, Booneville, Benton Harmony Grove, Lockesburg
  • 2003 – Texarkana, Hope, Prairie Grove, Benton Harmony Grove, Ouachita
  • 2002 – North Little Rock, Nettleton, Prairie Grove, Benton Harmony Grove
  • 2001 – North Little Rock, Batesville, Prairie Grove, Newark
  • 2000 – Rogers, Lake Hamilton, Farmington
  • 1999 – Sheridan
Slow Pitch
  • 2003 – McCrory
  • 2002 – Hoxie
  • 2001 – Parkers Chapel, Ouachita
  • 2000 – Sylvan Hills, Murfreesboro, Lockesburg
  • 1999 – Bryant, Nashville, Cedarville, Lockesburg
  • 1998 – Benton, Greenwood, Southside Batesville, Arkansas Baptist, Guy-Perkins
  • 1997 – Bryant, Batesville, Nettleton, Arkansas Baptist
  • 1996 – Bryant, Vilonia, Barton, St. Joseph

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