Aristo or Ariston (from Greek: Ἀρίστων) may refer to:

  • As an Ancient Greek name:
    • Ariston of Sparta (6th century BC), Eurypontid King of Sparta
    • Ariston of Athens (died circa 424 BC), father of Plato
    • Aristo of Ceos (3rd century BC), Peripatetic philosopher
    • Aristo of Chios (3rd century BCE), Stoic philosopher and colleague of Zeno of Citium
    • Ariston of Paionia (3rd century BC), King of Paionia
    • Aristo of Alexandria (1st century), Peripatetic philosopher
    • Aristo of Pella (2nd century), Jewish Christian writer
    • Ariston (hero), the protagonist of the 1967 historical novel Goat Song
    • Ariston (actor), actor at the Susa weddings
  • Modern persons with the name Ariston:
    • Jose Ariston Caslib (21st century), current manager of the Philippine national football team
  • Other usages of "Aristo":
    • Aristo (ruler), a member of the ruling class in Eubian society in Saga of the Skolian Empire
    • Ariston, a brand of domestic electrical appliances manufactured by Indesit.
    • Ariston organette, metal disc with punched holes (late 1800s) — utilized on several music boxes
    • OZ Aristo, wheels that come on some versions of the Volkswagen Golf
    • Toyota Aristo, sold as the Lexus GS, outside the Japanese domestic market

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