Aref Ali Nayed

Aref Ali Nayed

Dr Aref Ali Nayed (Arabic: عارف علي النايض) (born in 1962) is a Libyan Islamic scholar, and is the Libyan Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates. He had resigned upon the holding of elections in 2012 (a condition he had insisted upon on assuming the position) however his resignation was subsequently rejected by the Libyan government. He is also the founder and director of Kalam Research & Media (KRM), based in Tripoli, Libya and Dubai. Until the outbreak of the revolution in Libya he lectured on Islamic theology, logic, and spirituality at the restored Uthman Pasha Madrassa in Tripoli, and supervises graduate students at the Islamic Call College there.

Before the liberation of Tripoli in 2011 he was appointed by the National Transitional Council as the coordinator of the Tripoli Taskforce. When Tripoli was liberated in late August 2011 the remit was broadened and he was made the lead coordinator of the Libya Stabilization Team. Earlier in the year he was the coordinator for the Support Offices of the Executive Team of the National Transitional Council (NTC) of Libya. He is also the secretary of the Network of Free Ulema – Libya.

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