Archery Contest

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Heracles' Love For Iole Leads To His Death
... promised Iole to whoever could beat him and his sons in an archery contest ... Heracles heard of the prize and eagerly entered the contest for he very much wanted Iole ... that Heracles was winning, he stopped the contest and would not allow him to participate ...
A Gest Of Robyn Hode - Adaptations
... ballads the king's insistence on the capture and the archery contest to catch Robin in Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow (though in the opposite order), the rescue in Robin Hood Rescuing Will ... The archery contest is a standard in filmed adaptions of the legends ... Kensington disguises himself in a chicken outfit, and enters the contest as "Robert the Incredible Chicken" ...

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    Another danger is imminent: A contested result. And we have no such means for its decision as ought to be provided by law. This must be attended to hereafter.... If a contest comes now it may lead to a conflict of arms. I can only try to do my duty to my countrymen in that case. I shall let no personal ambition turn me from the path of duty. Bloodshed and civil war must be averted if possible. If forced to fight, I have no fears from lack of courage or firmness.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)