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Sewage Treatment

The sewage treatment process takes place in stages:

  1. Primary Treatment (completed in 1949): Sewage is held in sedimentation tanks where the sludge is removed and processed for use as fertilizer.
  2. Secondary Treatment (completed in 1957): Primary effluent is pumped into oxidation ponds (here bacteria break down the waste).
  3. Disinfection (completed in 1966): Secondary effluent is chlorinated to kill pathogens and dechlorinated to avoid damage to natural environments.
  4. Tertiary Treatment (competed in 1986): Disinfected secondary effluent is put into artificial marshes where it is cleansed by reeds, cattails, and bacteria.
  5. Disinfection: Tertiary effluent is chlorinated to kill pathogens from bird droppings and dechlorinated to avoid damage to natural environments.

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