Arcade Cabinets

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Video Game Arcade Cabinet - DIY Projects
... Some cabinets are constructed entirely by hobbyists to mimic an arcade cabinet using emulators such as MAME and a PC to replace the game hardware ... These home built cabinets have many of the features of real arcade cabinets (such as a coin box, marquees etc.) ... MAME arcade units can combine several arcade controls (such as two types of joysticks and a trackball) in one unit to enable play of many different games ...
Street Fighter II - Reception - Commercial Reception
... The original version of Street Fighter II sold more than 60,000 video game arcade cabinets, followed by Street Fighter II' Champion Edition selling 140,000 ... The sales for the arcade versions of Street Fighter II in the Western world were similarly successful ... by at least 25 million Americans in homes and arcades ...

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