Arc Converter

The arc converter, sometimes called the arc transmitter or Poulsen arc after its inventor Danish engineer Valdemar Poulsen, is a device that used an electric arc to convert direct current electricity into radio frequency alternating current. It was used in radio transmitters for a short period around 1920 before it was replaced by vacuum tubes, and was one of the first technologies that was used to transmit sound (amplitude modulation) by radio. It is now on the list of IEEE Milestones as a historic achievement in electrical engineering.

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Arc Converter - Keying
... Since the arc took some time to strike and operate in a stable fashion, normal on-off keying could not be used ... In this compensation-wave method, the arc operated continuously, and the key altered the frequency of the arc by one to five percent ... In arc transmitters up to 70 kW, the key typically shorted out a few turns in the antenna coil ...

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