Appeal Play

In baseball, an appeal play occurs when a member of the defensive team calls the attention of an umpire to an infraction which he would otherwise ignore.

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Appeal Play - Other Appeals
... A member of the defensive team may appeal to the umpire when a batter bats out of turn ... The ball must be live for this as for any appeal ... After the appeal is made, the umpire will usually signal "Time" and figure out whether the appeal is successful ...
Glossary Of Baseball - A - Appeal Play
... A play in which the defense has an opportunity to gain a favorable ruling from an umpire by addressing a mistake by the offense or seeking the input of another umpire ... advancing or in reverse order when retreating (tagging up), the defense may appeal if it appears a runner missed a base and continued on to the next one ... This appeal must be made during a live ball and before the next pitch typically, the pitcher will step off the rubber and throw the ball to a teammate, who will then touch the appropriate base and verbally ...

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