Antonis Remos - Biography - Further Success, Kardia Mou Min Anisiheis and Mia Anapnoi (2000–2005)

Further Success, Kardia Mou Min Anisiheis and Mia Anapnoi (2000–2005)

In June 2001 he released a double live CD from a party given in Apollon Palace titled Mia Nihta Mono ("Only for a night"). The album gained platinum status and has still reached high places in the local music in recent times.

During winter 2001, Antonis Remos performed live next to Giannis Parios. A CD single was also released in 2001. In spring 2002 Remos released the new album Kardia Mou Min Anisiheis ("Don't worry, my love"). Its songs were written by Giorgos Theofanous. The album gained triple platinum status, becoming one of the most-popular albums through the years.

During winter 2002, Remos performed live next to Alkistis Protopsalti. The success was huge, people loved the unique performances, and they kept performing together during the summer in Thessaloniki. They also traveled abroad, giving concerts all over Canada and the USA. In 2003 he released a new album titled Mia Anapnoi ("A breath"), and the songs were written once again by Giorgos Theofanous. As expected, the album gained platinum status quickly.

During winter 2003 Remos created the most unpredictable live performances. He was sharing the stage with 5 composers, each one for 45 nights: Mimis Plessas, Yannis Spanos, Antonis Vardis, Kostas Hatzis and Giorgos Theofanous.

In the same period, Remos sang Mikis Theodorakis' songs "An thymitheis to oniro mou" ("If you remember my dream") and "Faedra". They were both released in a CD single and became the title song of a completely new TV series.

During summer 2004, the Mikis Theodorakis orchestra presented the composer's music written for theatrical plays and movies, having as leading voice Antonis Remos, along with the actors Petros Filipidis, Natassa Manisalis and Giannis Samsiaris. He released a live recording of the appearances next to the 5 big composers. The album gained double platinum status. Later that winter Antonis Remos appeared live with George Dalaras, in the all brand-new "Athens Arena". After the discovery of a scandal, Antonis Remos was forced to serve his army obligations. Because of his age, he served only for forty days.

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