Anterior Compartment of Thigh

Anterior Compartment Of Thigh

The anterior fascial compartment of thigh contains the knee extensors and hip flexors.

It contains the following five muscles:

  • sartorius (the longest muscle in the human body)
  • quadriceps (rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus intermedius, vastus medialis)

The muscles of the anterior compartment of the thigh (as well as the pectineus of the medial compartment) are innervated by the femoral nerve. Though the iliopsoas is sometimes considered a member of the anterior compartment muscles, the iliacus and the psoas portions do not share the same innervation. Whereas the iliacus is innervated by the femoral nerve, the psoas is innervated by ventral rami of L1-L3. Notably, the articularis genu is also sometimes included in the anterior compartment group.

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