Ante refers to:

  • Ante, a forced bet in the game of poker
  • Ante (name), Croatian form of the given name Anthony
  • Sivry-Ante, municipality in the Marne department of France with two villages: Ante and Sivry-Ante.
  • The Latin word Ante, meaning "before", which is used in many Latin phrases

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Ante (name) - People Named Ante
... Ante Covic - Croatian-Australian footballer Ante Gotovina - Croatian general Ante Jazić - Croatian-Canadian footballer Ante Jelavić - Croatian politician Ante Kovačić - Croatian writer Ante Markovi ...
Le Bon Père - Plot Summary
... The play opens with Cléante and Nérine ... Cléante is a soldier who fell in love with Arlequin's daughter, Nisida, and was hired on as Arlequin's secretary to be near her ... daughter to the Marquis of Yrville, but she refuses since she is in love with Cléante ...
... Sivry-Ante is a commune in the Marne department in north-eastern France ... The commune has two villages Ante and Sivry-Ante ...
Alpine Regiments Of The Roman Army - The Alpine Regiments
... Two series of Alpinorum regiments were raised ante AD 37, 3 cohorts in the first, 4 in the second ... ante 37) ... Of these, 6 were either destroyed in action or disbanded ante 68 ...

Famous quotes containing the word ante:

    Al that joye is went away,
    That wele is comen to weylaway,
    To manie harde stoundes.

    Hoere paradis hy nomen here,
    And now they lien in helle ifere:
    —Unknown. Ubi Sunt Qui ante Nos Fuerunt? (L. 16–20)