Andrea Electronics

Andrea Electronics is an American-owned technology business founded in 1934. In the early 50’s, Andrea was among the very first elite U.S. television manufacturers including what was referred to as the Cadillac of TVs at the World's Fair. In the 60’s the company designed the capsule’s intercom communication system used in the first manned Mercury space flight and military intercoms for F16 fighter jets and helicopters. In 1998 Andrea pioneered microphone array technology, which has become a standard for hands free VoIP communication embedding its advanced noise cancellation technology into millions of computers being produced by global manufactures such as Dell (NASDAQ: DELL), and HP (NYSE: HPQ). In more recent years Andrea Electronics has begun manufacturing their own brand of headsets known as SuperBeam headsets. They have created boom-free all purpose headsets essentially applying their microphone array technology to the headset industry as well beam forming which is utilized to eliminate background noise.

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