Anadenanthera Beans

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Jopo - Entheogenic Uses - Use With MAOIs
... South American tribes have been documented to use various bean preparations along with Banisteriopsis caapi, a herb containing MAOIs ... Typically Banisteriopsis caapi is chewed in the mouth while the Anadenanthera beans are snuffed or smoked ... of Banisteriopsis caapi will effectively double the potency of the Anadenanthera beans ...
Jopo - Entheogenic Uses - Traditional Usage
... Archaeological evidence shows Anadenanthera beans have been used as hallucinogens for thousands of years ... comes from smoking pipes made of puma bone (Felis Concolor) found with Anadenanthera beans at Inca Cueva, a site in the northwest of Humahuaca in the ... to contain the hallucinogen DMT, one of the compounds found in Anadenanthera beans ...

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