An Lộc

An Lộc is a ward of the town of Bình Long in Bình Phước Province in southern Vietnam. It located approximately 90 km north of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) with a population of 15,000. The town was formerly part of Bình Long province before merger with Phước Long province to create Bình Phước province. The town became famous during the Vietnam War, as the location of a major battle and B-52 air strike in 1972. Today the town has a mass grave memorial with 3,000 bodies.

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An Lộc - Battle of An Loc, 1972
... One of the main attacks of the offensive took place north of Saigon, where three divisions of North Vietnamese People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) troops from base areas inside Cambodia launched a full-scale invasion starting on April 2, 1972 ... Quickly overrunning South Vietnamese defensive outposts, the North Vietnamese rolled down Highway 13 towards Saigon ...
Easter Offensive - Offensive - An Loc
... Sensing that the provincial capital of An Loc would be the next target, the III Corps commander, Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Minh dispatched the 5th Division to hold the town ... They were reinforced by two battalions of the Ranger Group (on 7 April) and by two additional infantry battalions (on 10 and 11 April) ...