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Lee Lorch - House Un-American Activities Committee
... In 1955, Lorch was called before the House Un-American Activities Committee after he and his wife, Grace, attempted to enroll their daughter, Alice, in an all-black ... The Committee's questioning immediately went in a political direction though Lorch "pointedly denied" engaging in any Communist activity during his tenure at Fisk, he refused to answer ... contempt of Congress–nevertheless, during the House of Un-American Activities Committee hearing Fisk University's president, Charles S ...
Humphrey Bogart - Later Career - House Un-American Activities Committee
... called the Committee for the First Amendment, against the House Un-American Activities Committee's harassment of Hollywood screenwriters and actors ... Bogart wrote "The ten men cited for contempt by the House Un-American Activities Committee were not defended by us." ...

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    It is easy to carp at colleges, and the college, if he will wait for it, will have its own turn. Genius exists there also, but will not answer a call of a committee of the House of Commons. It is rare, precious, eccentric, and darkling.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    The rising power of the United States in world affairs ... requires, not a more compliant press, but a relentless barrage of facts and criticism.... Our job in this age, as I see it, is not to serve as cheerleaders for our side in the present world struggle but to help the largest possible number of people to see the realities of the changing and convulsive world in which American policy must operate.
    James Reston (b. 1909)

    Both at-home and working mothers can overmeet their mothering responsibilities. In order to justify their jobs, working mothers can overnurture, overconnect with, and overschedule their children into activities and classes. Similarly, some at-home mothers,... can make at- home mothering into a bigger deal than it is, over stimulating, overeducating, and overwhelming their children with purposeful attention.
    Jean Marzollo (20th century)