Alice N' Chains

Alice N' Chains was an American glam metal band from Seattle, Washington formed in 1986 by former members of Sleze. Towards the end of their run as Sleze, discussions arose about changing their name to Alice in Chains. However, due to concerns over the reference to female bondage, the group ultimately chose to spell it as Alice N’ Chains. They performed under this moniker over about a 12-month period and recorded two demos before breaking up on friendly terms in 1987. One of its members ultimately took the name that he and his former bandmates had initially flirted with when he joined a different group a few months later that ultimately became known as Alice in Chains.

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Post-Alice N' Chains
... Shortly after Alice N' Chains broke up, Staley joined a different group of musicians led by guitarist Jerry Cantrell that eventually took up the name Alice in Chains ... Following the demise of Alice N' Chains, Nick Pollock formed the band My Sister's Machine, taking up mostly vocal duties as their primary lyricist ...

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