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D'Aquila Family

Al Mineo would continue his rise within the New York Mafia and eventually become D'Aquila's second in command or underboss, and lead the crime families Brooklyn faction. As rivalries and animosity grew between the D'Aquila and Masseria factions, Mineo would eventually find himself in a precarious position. D'Aquila had previously sentenced Morello to death upon his release from prison, along with his ally Umberto Valenti, but through the intervention of Pittsburgh Mafia leader, Nicola Gentile, the death sentence on Morello and Valenti was revoked. With Valenti now in his debt, D'Aquila used this opportunity to recruit the feared Mafia leader in order to oppose the new Masseria-Morello alliance. Al Mineo faced the chance of losing power and influence within the D'Aquila crime family to Valenti, but in 1922 Valenti was murdered by Masseria-Morello forces. By the mid 1920s Mineo and his top lieutenant, Steve Ferrigno began to asses their position within the D'Aquila organization, and understood at this time that the new power in New york was Joe Masseria, so Mineo secretly began to align himself with Masseria.

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