Ait Ouriaghel - Khmas System

Khmas System

The Ait Waryaghar are with the Ikeräiyen the only Riffian tribes that make use of the Khmas system. A khams (singular for Khmas) is a sort of independent tribe inside a tribe, with their own qaid (tribe-leader). These are the five Khmas of the Ait Waryaghar:

  • Khams of the Ait Youssouf W'Äri / Ait Äri
  • Khams of the Ait Bouäyach
  • Khams of the Imrabdhen
  • Khams of the Ait Abdellah
  • Khams of the Ait Hadifa

After the independence of Morocco in 1956 there was a national board regime implemented, while the previously applicable khmas system became discontinued.

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