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Air Armies

Several countries title their air force Air Army, notably France and Spain. In such countries the army is officially called the Land Army, although in common usage army retains its meaning of a land force.

However, in the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation the term Air Army also refers to a military formation, and during WWII eighteen Air Armies operated as part of the Red Army Order of Battle as the Soviet Air Forces in World War II. The Air Armies were divided into the air forces of the military district PVO, the Frontal Aviation Air Armies assigned one to each Front, and the Anti-Air Defence Armies that included anti-aircraft guns and interceptors.

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Long Range Aviation - Post 1945 and Cold War
... Aviatsiya Vozdushnikh Syl - Long Range Aviation of Air Forces) consisted of the 1st Air Army DA in Smolensk, which was reorganised as the 50th Air Army in January 1949, the 2nd Air Army DA in ... The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Air Armies had previously been active in providing direct support to the land forces during the Second World War, and thus the new ... entered service in the 1955-1956 period, and remained the backbone of Soviet air power against NATO for many decades ...
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... The II SS reported "very strong enemy air activity at 0710" ... For the first time during the Kursk battle, the Soviet Air Armies had flown more sorties than the Luftwaffe over the southern sector ... The 17 and 2 Air Armies flew 893 sorties while the VIII Fliegerkorps flew some 654 missions ...
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... atomic bombing of Manchurian PRC military bases, if either their armies crossed into Korea or if PRC or KPA bombers attacked Korea from there ... The President ordered the transfer of nine Mark 4 nuclear bombs "to the Air Force's Ninth Bomb Group, the designated carrier of the weapons.. ... intervention repelled the UN Command armies from northern North Korea, General J ...
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... There were eighteen air armies formed in World War II, with many others formed after 1945 ... Army Date Formed Date Disbanded Notes 1st Air Army May 1998 ... Formed from Air Forces of the Western Front ... Redesignated 26th Air Army 10 January 1949 ...

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