Ahrens is a German surname which may refer to:

  • Adolf Ahrens (Bremen) (1879-1957), German captain and politician (DP)
  • Adolf Ahrens (Delmenhorst) (born 1898), German politician and mayor of Delmenhorst
  • Albert Ahrens (Varel - Palermo) (2.6.1852 - 17.5-1938), German businessman emigrated to Sicily in the 19th century, where he grounded, together with his wife Johanna Benjamin, a furniture factory, a wein factory and a textile enterprise. Albert Ahrens, who was also Honorary Consul of Uruguay, was awarded "Commendatore dell'Ordine della Corona d'Italia" by Vittorio Emanuele III, King of Italy.
  • Alfred Ahrens (1899-1959), German regional politician (Schleswig-Holstein) (SPD)
  • Angelika Ahrens (born 1972), Austrian journalist and presenter
  • Arne Ahrens (born 1975), German film director, scriptwriter and producer
  • August Ahrens (1779–1867), entomologist
  • Bernhard Ahrens (1905-1978), German regional politician (Schleswig-Holstein) (SPD)
  • Brigitte Ahrens (born 1945), German singer
  • Chris Ahrens (ice hockey) (born 1952), retired American professional ice hockey defenceman
  • Dave Ahrens (born 1958), former American Football linebacker
  • Edward H. Ahrens (1919-1942), Navy Cross recipient
  • Frank Ahrens (born 1963), German footballer
  • Frank Ahrens, Washington Post reporter
  • Franz Heinrich Ludolf Ahrens (1809-1881), German philologist
  • Franz Ahrens (architect) (1858-1937), German architect
  • Georg Ahrens (1896-1974), German politician (Hamburg) (NSDAP)
  • Gerd-Axel Ahrens (born 1948), German traffic scientist
  • Gerhard Ahrens (born 1932), German footballer
  • Gustav Ahrens (1860-1914), German banker
  • Hans Georg Ahrens (born 1944), German opera singer (Bass)
  • Hans Jürgen Ahrens (born 1941), German manager
  • Heinrich Ahrens (1808-1874), German philosopher
  • Franz Heinrich Ludolf Ahrens (1809-1881), German philologist
  • Heinz Werner Ahrens (born 1941), German administrator at the AOK
  • Hermann Ahrens (1902-1975), German politician (GB/BHE)
  • Henning Ahrens (born 1964), German writer
  • Janette Ahrens (born 1923), American figure skater
  • Joseph Ahrens (1904-1997), German composer and organist
  • Karl Ahrens (born 1924), German politician (SPD)
  • Kurt Ahrens, Jr. (born 1940), former sports car racing and touring car racing driver
  • Lynn Ahrens (born 1948), American musical theatre lyricist
  • Mariella Ahrens (born 1969), German actress
  • Marlene Ahrens (born 1933), Chilean athlete
  • Mathias Ahrens (born 1963), German hockey trainer
  • Rupert Ahrens (born 1957), German entrepreneur
  • Sandra Ahrens (born 1974), German regional politician (Bremen) (CDU)
  • Sieglinde Ahrens (born 1936), German organist
  • Silvia Poll Ahrens (born 1970), Nicaraguan-born swimmer
  • Wilhelm Ahrens (1872-1927), German mathematician and writer
  • Wilhelm Ahrens (1912-1998), German soldier
  • USS Ahrens (DE-575), a Buckley class destroyer escort
  • Ahrens (manufacturer), former aircraft manufacturer

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Edward H. Ahrens - Biography
... Ahrens — born on November 4, 1919 in Dayton, Kentucky — enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on February 3, 1942 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and underwent boot camp training at the Marine. 1st Raider Battalion, Fleet Marine Force, soon thereafter, Ahrens landed with that unit from USS Little (APD-4) at Tulagi, Guadalcanal, British Solomon Islands, in the second assault wave on August 7, 1942 ... During the savage battle that ensued, Ahrens, in a security detachment assigned the task of protecting the Raiders' right flank, singlehandedly engaged a group of ...
Thomas J. Ahrens
... Thomas Julian Ahrens (April 25, 1936 – November 24, 2010) was a Professor of Geophysics at Caltech who was known for his study of the terrestrial planets ... Ahrens died on November 24, 2010 at the age of 74 ...
Chris Ahrens (rower)
... Chris Ahrens is a 1998 graduate of Princeton University, known internationally for his distinguished career as a rower for both the Tigers and the United States ... Ahrens came out of retirement in 2004 to join up with the US Olympic squad as the three seat in the eventual gold medal eight-man boat ... Ahrens is currently retired from international rowing, resides in New York City and works for One Equity Partners, the private equity division of JPMorgan Chase ...
USS Ahrens (DE-575) - Service History
... Late in February 1944, Ahrens proceeded to Bermuda for shakedown training ... Ahrens rescued 673 officers and men in a period of 40 minutes ... On 23 July, Ahrens assumed duty as an escort for transatlantic convoys ...