AFH may stand for :

  • Aloha from Hell: A German rock band
  • Architecture for Humanity
  • Adaptive Frequency-hopping spread spectrum: A type of frequency hopping used in Bluetooth
  • Antihero for Hire: A comedy/superhero webcomic
  • Angiomatoid fibrous histiocytoma - a rare soft tissue tumour

afh may stand for :

  • The ISO 639-2 and 639-3 code for the Afrihili language

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Codes For Constructed Languages - List of Codes
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Bank Of Africa - History
... of BAO Mali, led to the establishment of African Financial Holdings (AFH), as the holding company for BOA Mali in 1988 ... The objective of AFH was (a) to promote the establishment of banking subsidiaries across Africa, with local capital participation as a key component and (b) BOA would offer both management, technical support as well ... To increase their capital base, AFH took on new investors including the PROPARCO, a division of the French Development Agency, Netherlands Development Finance ...
Aerial Topdressing - Origins - Alan Pritchard
... The survey was delayed when the Ministry's Miles Whitney Straight, ZK-AFH, was grounded by bad weather ... he had not, and had "cribbed" back the time in the ZK-AFH's logbooks by extending the time of other flights ... outbreak of World War II, he had the good fortune to retain the use of ZK-AFH, when most aircraft were impressed for war service ...
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... The number of annual flying hours (AFH) per pilot is, like almost every other aspect of the KPAF, very hard to estimate ... Most estimates present a rather grim picture AFH per pilot for the KPAF are said to be only 15 or 25 hours per pilot each year - comparable to the flying hours of air forces in ex-Soviet ... There are a number of possible explanations for the low AFH concern over the aging of equipment, scarcity of spare parts - especially for the older aircraft ...