• (adj): Having capacity or tendency to adsorb or cause to accumulate on a surface.
    Synonyms: adsorptive, surface-assimilative
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Nitrogen Generator - Adsorption Technology - Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology
... is based on the regulation of gas adsorption and adsorbent regeneration by means of changing pressures in two adsorber–adsorbent-containing vessels ... by the plant at the above-atmospheric pressure, while the adsorbent regeneration is accomplished at below-atmospheric pressure ... H2O and CO2 molecules diffuse into the pore structure of the adsorbent whilst the nitrogen molecules are allowed to travel through the adsorber–adsorbent-containing vessel ...
... is generally adsorbed, or "bound to", an adsorbent in a liquid chromatography column ... The adsorbent, a solid phase (stationary phase), is a powder which is coated onto a solid support ... Based on an adsorbent's composition, it can have varying affinities to "hold" onto other molecules—forming a thin film on its outside surface (or on its internal ...
Adsorption - Isotherms - Kisliuk
... was the adsorbate and tungsten was the adsorbent by Paul Kisliuk (1922–2008) in 1957 ... would enter a precursor state at the interface between the solid adsorbent and adsorbate in the gaseous phase ... From here, adsorbate molecules would either adsorb to the adsorbent or desorb into the gaseous phase ...
Peak Uranium - Uranium Supply - Unconventional Resources - Seawater
... In 2006 the same research group stated "If 2g-U/kg-adsorbent is submerged for 60 days at a time and used 6 times, the uranium cost is calculated to be 88,000 ... When 6g-U/kg-adsorbent and 20 repetitions or more becomes possible, the uranium cost reduces to 15,000 yen ... cost attainable now is 25,000 yen with 4g-U/kg-adsorbent used in the sea area of Okinawa, with 18 repetition uses ...
Uranium Mining - Mining Techniques - Recovery From Seawater
... and development for recovery of this low-concentration element by inorganic adsorbents such as titanium oxide compounds has occurred since the 1960s in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and ... research and development has continued culminating in the production of adsorbent by irradiation of polymer fiber ... Adsorbents have been synthesized that have a functional group (amidoxime group) that selectively adsorbs heavy metals, and the performance of such adsorbents has been improved ...

More definitions of "adsorbent":

  • (noun): A material having capacity or tendency to adsorb another substance.
    Synonyms: adsorbent material