Adl is an Arabic word meaning justice.

The abbreviation ADL may refer to:

  • Activities of daily living, a term used in medicine and nursing, especially in the care of the elderly
  • Advanced Distributed Learning, part of an effort to standardize and modernize training and education management and delivery
  • NZR ADL class, a type of diesel railway vehicle used on New Zealand's Auckland suburban network
  • Advance–decline line

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Shekou International School - Curriculum - Primary School
... school has started a program called ADL which has 30 members with 4 stages ... Green bamboo, red bamboo, black bamboo, and blue/ADL ... ADL helps students by having a technology leader set in each class ...
ADL Registry
... Learning Registry was developed by the ADL Initiative and is the central search point for the discovery of digital objects related to DoD training, education, performance ... a card from the card catalog contains descriptive information about books in a library, the ADL Registry contains all of the registered entries that contain metadata about the digital object in a repository ... Discovery and Registration/Resolution Architecture (CORDRA) project." The ADL Registry provides centrally searchable information, in the form of metadata records (not actual objects) ...
Adventure Definition Language
... Adventure Definition Language (ADL) is a system for writing text adventures ... ADL is semi-object-oriented with Lisp-like syntax and is a superset of DDL ... ADL currently runs on Amiga, Atari ST, PC (DOS), VAX and Unix ...
ADL - Places
... Adelaide Airport, Australia, IATA airport code ADL Adlington (Lancashire) railway station, England, National Rail code ADL ...
Animal Defense League
... The Animal Defense League (ADL) is an internationally active grassroots animal rights organization fighting to put an end to animal exploitation and abuse ... the coalition of activists and supporters that make up the various ADL chapters are able to have a stronger effect in their campaigns and fight together towards the collective goal of ... The Texas ADL was established in 1934 in San Antonio ...