Acting Military Governor

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Liu Pi (official) - As Acting Military Governor and Rebel
... In fall 805, Wei Gao died, and Liu Pi claimed the title of acting military governor ... Yuan Zi as the comforter of the three circuits, and then as military governor of Xichuan ... strength to overpower Liu at this point, he formally made Liu the deputy military governor and acting military governor ...
Emperor Taizu Of Later Liang - Xuanwu Governor - Seizure of Tianping and Taining
... went through, Li Cunxin angered Weibo's military governor Luo Hongxin by pillaging the people of Weibo further, Zhu Quanzhong wrote Luo and warned Luo that he believed ... He made Ge the acting military governor of Taining, Zhu Youyu the acting military governor of Tianping, and Pang the acting military governor of Wuning (i.e ...
Wang Jian (Former Shu) - As Military Governor of Xichuan - Campaign Against Dongchuan
... and Gu Yanhui succeeded Gu Yanlang as the acting military governor of Dongchuan ... Zhaozong was ready to commission Gu Yanhui as the full military governor, but Yang Shouliang reacted by sending his brother Yang Shouhou (楊守厚) to attack Dongchuan, trying to take it over ... Meanwhile, in 893, Gu entered into an alliance with Li Maozhen the military governor of Fengxiang Circuit, and Li Maozhen sent troops to aid Gu ...

Famous quotes containing the words governor, acting and/or military:

    It is better to have the power of self-protection than to depend on any man, whether he be the Governor in his chair of State, or the hunted outlaw wandering through the night, hungry and cold and with murder in his heart.
    Lillie Devereux Blake (1835–1913)

    I have no acting technique.... I act instinctively. That’s why I can’t play any role that isn’t based on something in my life.
    Ethel Waters (1900–1977)

    War both needs and generates certain virtues; not the highest, but what may be called the preliminary virtues, as valour, veracity, the spirit of obedience, the habit of discipline. Any of these, and of others like them, when possessed by a nation, and no matter how generated, will give them a military advantage, and make them more likely to stay in the race of nations.
    Walter Bagehot (1826–1877)