Access Linux Platform

The Access Linux Platform (ALP), once referred to as a "next-generation version of the Palm OS" is an open source-based operating system for mobile devices developed and marketed by Access Co., of Tokyo, Japan. The platform includes execution environments for Java, classic Palm OS, and GTK+-based native Linux applications. ALP has been demonstrated in devices at a variety of conferences, including 3GSM, LinuxWorld, GUADEC, and Open Source in Mobile.

The Access Linux Platform was first announced in February 2006. The initial versions of the platform and software development kits for the Access Linux Platform were officially released in February 2007. As of February 2009, the Access Linux Platform has yet to ship on devices, however development kits exist and public demonstrations have been showcased. There is a current effort between Access, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic, NEC, and Esteemo to use the platform as a basis for a "shared platform" implementing a revised version of the i.mode MOAP(L) APIs, as well as conforming to the specifications of the LiMo Foundation. The first smartphone to use the Access Linux Platform is the Edelweiss device by Emblaze Mobile that is scheduled for mid 2009 The First Else (renamed from Monolith ) smartphone that was being developed by Sharp Corporation in cooperation with Emblaze Mobile and seven additional partners was scheduled for 2009 but was never released and officially cancelled in June 2010

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... PalmSource planned to port Palm OS on top of a Linux kernel, while still offering both Palm OS Garnet and Palm OS Cobalt ... all development efforts on any product not directly related to its future Linux based platform ... With the acquisition of PalmSource by ACCESS, Palm OS for Linux was changed to become the ACCESS Linux Platform which was first announced in February 2006 ...
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... The Access Linux Platform utilizes a combination of a user-space policy-based security framework and a kernel-space Linux security module to implement fine-grained ... based on signatures and certificates unsigned applications can be allowed access to a pre-defined set of "safe" APIs ...
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... ACCESS CO ... ACCESS, Kabushiki-gaisha Akusesu?) (TYO 4813), founded in April 1979 and incorporated in February 1984 in Tokyo, Japan, by Arakawa Toru and Kamada ... In September 2005, ACCESS acquired PalmSource, the owner of the Palm OS and BeOS ...

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