Abstract Class

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Call Super - Example
... Suppose there is a class for generating a report about the inventory of a video rental store ... A framework that uses the call super anti-pattern may provide the following abstract class (in C#) abstract class ReportGenerator { public virtual Report CreateReport { // Generate the general report object //.. ... return new Report(...) } } A user of the class is expected to implement a subclass like this class ConcreteReportGenerator ReportGenerator { public override Report CreateReport { // Tabulate data ...
Class (computer Programming) - Taxonomy of Classes - Abstract and Concrete
... In a language that supports inheritance, an abstract class, or abstract base class (ABC), is a class that cannot be instantiated because it is either labeled as abstract or it simply ... Abstract classes specify virtual methods via signatures that are to be implemented by direct or indirect descendents of the abstract class ... Before a class derived from an abstract class can be instantiated, all abstract methods of its parent classes must be implemented by some class in the derivation chain ...

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