82nd Field Artillery Regiment (United States) - Foundation and Formation

Foundation and Formation

The 82nd Field Artillery traces it earliest history to that of the "First Dragoons". This type of fighting force was unique employing a fighting force that was skilled both as horse mounted and dismounted troops. Dragoon is derivitave from the French Army designation for the firearm (whose name means dragon) carried by French Dragoons. This type of short musket had a dragons head worked on the muzzle.

From the First Dragoons was formed the First Cavalry which in turn became the mother of the 24th Cavalry.

The 24th Cavalry was organized on 5 June 1917 representing approximately one third of the officers and enlisted men that had made up the First Cavalry. Then, on 1 November 1917, the 24th Cavalry would become the 82nd Field Artillery Regiment consisting of 62 officers, 1448 enlisted men, 1117 horses and 114 mules stationed at Fort D. A. Russell (Texas). The regiment would then be reassigned to Camp Logan and later assigned to Fort Bliss, Texas and assigned to the 15th Cavalry.

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