2006 TC 2000 Season - Race Calendar and Winners

Race Calendar and Winners

Date Race Track Win Results
26/02 1 Buenos Aires Matías Rossi Results
12/03 2 Olavarría Gabriel Ponce de León Results
02/04 3 Comodoro Rivadavia Christian Ledesma Results
23/04 4 Viedma Matías Rossi Results
07/05 5 Santa Fe Martín Basso Results
28/05 6 San Juan Martín Basso Results
25/06 7 Rafaela Gabriel Ponce de León Results
23/07 8 Resistencia Juan Manuel Silva Results
13/08 9 Curitiba Juan Manuel Silva Results
10/09 10 San Martin Matías Rossi Results
01/10 11 General Roca Gabriel Ponce de León Results
29/10 12 Buenos Aires Matías Rossi
Alain Menu
12/11 13 Oberá Juan Manuel Silva Results
26/11 14 Paraná Matías Rossi Results

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