1ESS Switch

1ESS Switch

The Number One Electronic Switching System, the first large-scale Stored Program Control (SPC) telephone exchange or Electronic Switching System in the Bell System, was introduced in Succasunna, New Jersey, in May 1965. The switching fabric was composed of reed matrixes controlled by wire spring relays which in turn were controlled by a central processing unit (CPU). The 1AESS Switch incorporating the 1A Processor of the late 1970s was a plug compatible upgrade, using smaller remreed switches, fewer relays, a faster CPU, and disk storage.

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1ESS Switch - 1A ESS
... drives had approximately four times the density of the original ones in 1ESS, and were used for some of the same purposes as in other mainframe computers, including ... Most of the thousands of 1ESS and 1AESS offices in the USA were replaced in the 1990s by DMS-100, 5ESS Switch and other digital switches, and since 2010 also by packet switches ...

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