1997 in Spaceflight - Deep-space Rendezvous

Deep-space Rendezvous

Date (GMT) Spacecraft Event Remarks
20 February Galileo 2nd flyby of Europa
5 April Galileo 3rd flyby of Ganymede
7 May Galileo 4th flyby of Ganymede
25 June Galileo 2nd flyby of Callisto
27 June NEAR Flyby of 253 Mathilde Closest approach: 1,200 kilometres (750 mi)
4 July Mars Pathfinder Landed on Mars Location: Ares Vallis
11 September Mars Global Surveyor Areocentric orbit injection
17 September Galileo 3rd flyby of Callisto
6 November Galileo 3rd flyby of Europa
16 December Galileo 4th flyby of Europa

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