1984 (Anthony Phillips Album)

1984 (Anthony Phillips Album)

1984 is an album by Anthony Phillips released in 1981. It is an instrumental electronic album with some vocal effects and a variety of percussion.

The album cover features a picture of a small cage, which is presumably a reference to the cage affixed to Winston's face in Nineteen Eighty-Four. This was the first Anthony Phillips album for which Peter Cross did not create the cover artwork. The liner notes include the line "Peter Cross is on holiday with Ralph Bernascone", which is part of a running joke in which "Ralph Bernascone" is mentioned in the liner notes of several of Anthony Phillips' albums.

A remastered 2CD version of the album was released in Japan by Arcangelo Records in July 2007 as a limited edition mini-vinyl sleeve. A standard jewel case version was released in the UK by Voiceprint Records in June 2008.

The bonus CD for the reissue includes new mixes from the original 8-track masters which allow parts of the album to be heard for the first time in their original basic form. Also released for the first time is some of Ant's original music for the ATV Series Rule Britannia which was recorded at the same time as the album, the previously unheard keyboard piece "Ascension" (which was re-discovered on the original multi-track tapes during the research for this re-issue and has been mixed for the first time) and the 16-minute demo version of "Poly Piece" - a track originally written for inclusion on Sides and then considered by Ant as a possible track for 1984 in the formative stages of the album.

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1984 (Anthony Phillips Album) - Personnel
... Anthony Phillipskeyboards,drumbox Roland CR-78) occasional guitar,basic percussion Richard Scott basic percussion,effects,vocal ideas Morris Pert percussion 8-track ...

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