Yangtze River Power Line Crossings

The Yangtze River power line crossings are overhead power lines that cross the Yangtze River in China. There are at least three power line crossings on the Yangtze River at Jiangyin, Nanjing, and Wuhu. The towers of the crossing in Jiangyin are among the highest in the world.

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Yangtze River Power Line Crossings - Wuhu
... The HVDC Three Gorges-Changzhou powerline crosses the Yangtze River near Wuhu, Anhui Province, China, at 31°30′2″N 118°22′11″E / 31.50056°N 118.36972°E / 31.50056 118.36972 and 31°30′37″N 118 ... The crossing consists of two 229 m (751 ft) tall pylons built as constructions of tubular steel, which carry two conductors ... Close to it, there is a 500 kV AC powerline crossing with a span width of 1,960 m (6,430 ft) on probably taller towers and a 110 kV AC powerline crossing with a span width of 1,410 m (4,626 ft) ...

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