Woo, wooo or woo woo may also refer to:

  • WoO, a catalogue of Beethoven's music
  • Woo (film), a 1998 romantic comedy
  • Woo Woo, an alcoholic beverage
  • WOO, the callsing for AT&T High Seas Service
  • Woo, an expression iconically screamed by musician Little Richard
  • Wooooo!, onomatopoeia of excitement, a cheer
  • Woo, a character in the King of the Monsters series of video games
  • Woo (often "woo-woo"), a term used by scientific skeptics for pseudoscientific topics, such as alternative medicine or New Age beliefs, as well as a person who holds such beliefs
  • Bio Planet WoO, a Japanese television show
  • Ronnie Woo Woo, a fan at Chicago Cubs baseball games
  • Woo (Ultra monster), a fictional monster in the Ultraman television series

Woo, Wu, surname;

  • Woo or Wu, the romanization or pronunciation of several Chinese and Asian names
    • Hu (surname) (胡,瓠,護,戶,扈,虎,呼,忽,斛)
    • Wu (surname) (吳,伍,武,仵,烏,鄔,巫)
    • Ng (吳,伍)
  • Woo or Wu, Korean names:
    • Woo (禹) is kind of Yu (surname) (禹)
    • Woo (于) is kind of Yu (surname) (于)

W.O.O. may also be an abbreviation for:

  • College of Wooster
  • World of Outlaws, a car racing organization
  • Any of the various adaptations of The Wizard of Oz

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Famous quotes containing the word woo:

    As yields no mercy to desert,
    Nor grace to those that crave it.
    Sweet sun, when thou lookest on,
    Pray her regard my moan;
    Sweet birds, when you sing to her,
    To yield some pity, woo her;
    Thomas Lodge (1558?–1625)

    Before I get through with you, you will have a clear case for divorce and so will my wife. Now, the first thing to do is arrange for a settlement. You take the children, your husband takes the house, Junior burns down the house, you take the insurance and I take you!
    S.J. Perelman, U.S. screenwriter, Arthur Sheekman, Will Johnstone, and Norman Z. McLeod. Groucho Marx, Monkey Business, terms for a divorce settlement proposed while trying to woo Lucille Briggs (Thelma Todd)

    She thanked me,
    And bade me, if I had a friend that loved her,
    I should but teach him how to tell my story,
    And that would woo her.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)