What is underwriter?

  • (noun): A banker who deals chiefly in underwriting new securities.
    Synonyms: investment banker
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USS Underwriter (1852)
... USS Underwriter (1852) was a 341-ton steamer acquired by the Union Navy during the American Civil War ... Underwriter was outfitted as a gunboat, whose primary task was to prevent ships from penetrating the Union blockade of Southern ports ...
Loan Origination - Processing Documents/Loan Underwriting - Mortgage Underwriting
... An underwriter is a person who evaluates the loan documentation and determines whether or not the loan complies with the guidelines of the particular mortgage program ... It is the underwriter's responsibility to assess the risk of the loan and decide to approve or decline the loan ... A processor is the one who gathers and submits the loan documents to the underwriter ...
USS Underwriter (1852) - Civil War Operations - North Carolina Operations
... Underwriter left Baltimore in late July 1862 and returned to New Bern ... Underwriter sailed to Plymouth, North Carolina, in August and towed the prize schooner Young Rover to New Bern on 13 August ... Underwriter evacuated Union forces from Winfield during the siege and threatened capture of Plymouth in April ...
How Reverse Greenshoe Option Works
... for a given amount of shares (15% of the issued amount, for example) held by the underwriter "against" the issuer (if a primary offering) or against the majority shareholder/s (if a ... The underwriter sells 100% of the issued stock ... If it falls to $8, the underwriter purchases X amount of shares in the market and then exercises the option, buying the shares at $8 in the market and selling back to the issuer at $10 ...

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