What is turn out?

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Slang (album) - Personnel - Additional Musicians
... Gloria Flores – Spanish voice on "Slang" Ram Naravan – intro sarangi sample on "Turn to Dust" Craig Pruess – string and percussion arranging and conducting on "Turn to Dust" Av ...
Frontside - Snowboarding
... When turning, backside is analogous to a toeside turn, and frontside is analogous to a heelside turn ... In the air, backside means that you turn the front of your body into the rotation first and frontside means you turn your back into the rotation first ...
Michigan Left
... at-grade intersection design which replaces each left turn with a permutation of a U-turn and a right turn ... the intersection is called a median U-turn crossover or median U-turn ... design is also sometimes referred to as a boulevard turnaround or a thru turn intersection ...
Turn - Place Name
... England Turn Village, in Lancashire, England Czech Republic German name of Trnovany. ...
The Clapper - In Popular Culture
... In the 1989 film Uncle Buck, the title character uses The Clapper to turn on the lights in his apartment In the pilot episode of Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns, Leroy Brown talked about how he went to ... Connelly's TV so that he can turn it off from his apartment below by clapping ... with the lamp flying out the window to turn it off ...

More definitions of "turn out":

  • (verb): Be shown or be found to be.
    Synonyms: prove, turn up
  • (verb): Come and gather for a public event.
    Example: "Hundreds of thousands turned out for the anti-war rally in New York"
  • (verb): Prove to be in the result or end.
    Example: "It turns out that he was right"
  • (verb): Outfit or equip, as with accessories.
    Example: "The actors were turned out lavishly"
  • (verb): .
    Synonyms: bear
  • (verb): Cause to stop operating by disengaging a switch.
    Example: "Turn out the lights"
    Synonyms: switch off, cut, turn off
  • (verb): Prove to be in the result or end.
    Example: "How will the game turn out?"
    Synonyms: come out
  • (verb): Come, usually in answer to an invitation or summons.
    Example: "How many people turned out that evening?"
  • (verb): Produce quickly or regularly, usually with machinery.
    Example: "This factory turns out saws"

Famous quotes containing the word turn:

    We operate exclusively with things that do not exist, with lines, surfaces, bodies, atoms, divisible time spans, divisible spaces—how could explanations be possible at all when we initially turn everything into images, into our images!
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    My Turn is the distilled bathwater of Mrs. Reagan’s life. It is for the most part sweetish, with a tart edge of rebuke, but disappointingly free of dirt or particulate matter of any kind.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)