What is torsion?

  • (noun): A twisting force.
    Synonyms: torque
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Torsion Siege Engine - Literary Evidence - Terminology
... to describe siege engines of every kind, including torsion machines ... Additionally, in those few instances where torsion engines are identifiable, it is never certain which specific type of machine is being cited ... Some scholars argue this abundance of terms indicates that torsion devices were in widespread use during the Middle Ages, though others argue that it is this very confusion about machine ...
Analytic Torsion - A Short History of Reidemeister Torsion
... Reidemeister torsion was first used to combinatorially classify 3-dimensional lens spaces in (Reidemeister 1935) by Reidemeister, and in higher dimensional ... Whitehead defined the "torsion" of a homotopy equivalence between finite complexes ... Whitehead torsion provides a key tool for the study of combinatorial or differentiable manifolds with nontrivial fundamental group and is closely related to the concept of "simp ...
Torsion Siege Engine - History - Medieval
... and the anonymous "De rebus bellicis" are our first and most descriptive sources on torsion machines, all writing in the 4th century CE ... later, in the 6th century, Procopius provides his description of torsion devices ... of the terms (see Terminology below), it is uncertain whether torsion machines were indicated ...
... The word torsion may refer to the following In geometry Torsion of a curve Torsion tensor in differential geometry The closely related concepts of Reidemeister torsion (also called R-torsion, Franz torsion, de ... splenic torsion Spiral fracture, a.k.a ... Torsion fracture Bloat particularly in cattle and dogs Horse colic#Torsion In physics and engineering Torsion (mechanics) Torsion coefficient Torsion pendulum Torsion spring or -bar Torsion field (pseudoscie ...
Torsion Siege Engine
... A torsion siege engine is a type of artillery that utilizes torsion to launch projectiles ...

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