What is put away?

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Convertible Bond - Redemption Options/strategies
... Soft put - can be redeemed for cash, stock or notes or a combination of all three at the company's discretion ... Hard put - payable only in cash Protective put - buying a put option for the underlying bond security Subordinated put - Convertible put - convert to share by paying a charge ...
Glossary Of Baseball - P - Put Away
... A fielder who catches a fly ball, or who tags a runner may be said to "put away" his opponent ... Similarly, a pitcher may "put away" a batter by striking him out ... A team may "put away" its opponent by making a decisive play or out, or by breaking open the game and gaining a substantial lead on its opponent ...
... Put can refer to Put option, a financial contract between two parties, the buyer and the seller of the option The Biblical Put, the son of Ham and the grandson of Noah ... system to the remote system (as compared to "get") Put (band), from Rijeka, Croatia Put, a 16th century card game The command put "..." in Turing (programming language) PUT may also be an ...
Valve Actuator - Service Conditions
... safety related, therefore the plant operators put high demands on the reliability of the devices ... plants are often operated for several decades which justifies the higher demands put on the lifetime of the devices ... The manufacturers put a lot of work and knowledge into corrosion protection ...
... Phut or Put (Hebrew פוט pûṭ Septuagint Greek Φουδ Phoud) is the third son of Ham (one of the sons of Noah), in the biblical Table of Nations (Genesis 106 cf ... Put (or Phut) is associated with Ancient Libya by many early writers ... likewise been inferred from Nahum 39, where it is said that "Put and Lubim" were the helpers of Egypt ...

More definitions of "put away":

  • (verb): Kill gently, as with an injection.
    Synonyms: put to sleep
  • (verb): Turn away from and put aside, perhaps temporarily.
    Example: "She turned away from her painting"
  • (verb): Eat up; usually refers to a considerable quantity of food.
    Synonyms: tuck in, tuck away

Famous quotes containing the word put:

    Nor blame I Death, because he bare
    The use of virtue out of earth;
    I know transplanted human worth
    Will bloom to profit, otherwhere.

    For this alone on Death I wreak
    The wrath that garners in my heart:
    He put our lives so far apart
    We cannot hear each other speak.
    Alfred Tennyson (1809–1892)

    We shall not have succeeded in demolishing everything unless we demolish the ruins as well. But the only way I can see of doing that is to use them to put up a lot of fine, well-designed buildings.
    Alfred Jarry (1873–1907)