What is progressive conservative?

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Scarborough East - Members of Parliament
... Martin O'Connell, Liberal (1968–1972) Reg Stackhouse, Progressive Conservative (1972–1974) Martin O'Connell, Liberal (1974–1979) Gordon ...
Lanark—Renfrew—Carleton - Electoral History - Lanark–Renfrew–Carleton
... Canadian federal election, 1972 Party Candidate Votes Progressive Conservative DICK, Paul 17,893 Liberal MCBRIDE, Murray 13,283 New Democratic MELLEMA, Henry 1,819 Canadian federal election ...
London—Middlesex - Electoral History
... Canadian federal election, 1979 Party Candidate Votes % ±pp Progressive Conservative Nelson Elliott 14,339 38.7% Liberal Garnet Bloomfield 13,714 36.9% New Democratic Bill Lloyd 8,855 23.8% Independent. 1980 Party Candidate Votes Liberal Garnet Bloomfield 15,682 Progressive Conservative Bill Frank 11,897 New Democratic Bill Lloyd 8,672 Libertarian. 9,753 Canadian federal election, 1988 Party Candidate Votes Progressive Conservative CLIFFORD, Terry 18,534 Liberal BLOOMFIELD, Garnet M ...
Essex (provincial Electoral District) - Election Results - 1999-present
... Votes % ±pp New Democratic Taras Natyshak 17,375 38.04 +17.27 Progressive Conservative Dave Brister 16,006 35.04 +10.03 Liberal Ken Schmidt 11,348 25.04 -22.98 Green Jason Matyi 857 1.88 -3.46 Total valid votes 45. 2007 Party Candidate Votes % ±pp Liberal Bruce Crozier 19,969 48.02 +2.74 Progressive Conservative Richard Kniaziew 10,400 25.01 +0.27 New Democratic John Grima 8,638 20.77 -7.01 ... general election, 1999 Party Candidate Votes % ±pp Liberal Bruce Crozier 25,446 56.73 Progressive Conservative Pat O'Neil 15,354 34.23 New Democratic Merv Richards 3,745 8.35 ...
Girve Fretz
... He was a member of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada ... He won the Progressive Conservative Party nomination for Erie riding in 1979 and was subsequently elected later that year ... In Parliament, Fretz first served as the Secretary of the Progressive Conservative caucus from 1979 to 1980 ...

Famous quotes containing the words conservative and/or progressive:

    The conservative assumes sickness as a necessity, and his social frame is a hospital, his total legislation is for the present distress, a universe in slippers and flannels, with bib and papspoon, swallowing pills and herb-tea.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    I don’t have any doubts that there will be a place for progressive white people in this country in the future. I think the paranoia common among white people is very unfounded. I have always organized my life so that I could focus on political work. That’s all I want to do, and that’s all that makes me happy.
    Hettie V., South African white anti-apartheid activist and feminist. As quoted in Lives of Courage, ch. 21, by Diana E. H. Russell (1989)