What is powerfully?

  • (adv): In a powerful manner.
    Example: "The federal government replaced the powerfully pro-settler Sir Godfrey Huggins with the even tougher and more determined ex-trade unionist"
    Synonyms: strongly
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Saśigupta - Was Chandragupta A Kamboja Emperor?
... from a reliable contemporary witnesses such as Kautiliya who powerfully attests that the Kambojas and other north-west frontier people, at this period, lived by varta as well as by the use of ... for Peshawar in north-west frontier land powerfully attested in the ancient inscriptions belonging to the Saka age i.e ... the foundations of his great Maurya empire as is powerfully attested by Sanskrit play Mudra-rakashas by Vishakhadatta ...

More definitions of "powerfully":

  • (adv): In a manner having a powerful influence.
    Synonyms: potently

Famous quotes containing the word powerfully:

    ... living out of sight of any shore does rich and powerfully strange things to humans.
    M.F.K. Fisher (1908–1992)

    We are imprisoned in life in the company of persons powerfully unlike us.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Nothing more powerfully excites any affection than to conceal some part of its object, by throwing it into a kind of shade, which at the same time that it shows enough to prepossess us in favour of the object, leaves still some work for the imagination.
    David Hume (1711–1776)