What is posture?

  • (verb): Assume a posture as for artistic purposes.
    Synonyms: model, pose, sit
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More definitions of "posture":

  • (noun): Position or arrangement of the body and its limbs.
    Synonyms: position, attitude
  • (noun): Characteristic way of bearing one's body.
    Example: "Stood with good posture"
    Synonyms: carriage, bearing
  • (verb): Behave affectedly or unnaturally in order to impress others.
    Synonyms: pose

Famous quotes containing the word posture:

    The Dada object reflected an ironic posture before the consecrated forms of art. The surrealist object differs significantly in this respect. It stands for a mysterious relationship with the outer world established by man’s sensibility in a way that involves concrete forms in projecting the artist’s inner model.
    —J.H. Matthews. “Object Lessons,” The Imagery of Surrealism, Syracuse University Press (1977)

    If one’s posture is upright, one has no need to fear a crooked shadow.
    Chinese proverb.