What is optically active?

Some articles on optically active:

Optically Active Additive
... Optically active additive (OAA) is an organic or inorganic material which, when added to a coating, makes that coating react to ultra violet light ... The use of optically active additives or fluorescing additives is specified in US Military Specification MIL-SPEC-23236C ...
Hajos–Parrish–Eder–Sauer–Wiechert Reaction
... procedure - shown in the reaction equation - leading to the optically active bicyclic ketol as well as the Eder-Sauer-Wiechert modification leading to the optically active enedione ... of (S)-(-)-proline enabling them to isolate the optically active intermediate bicyclic ketol ... Thus, they could isolate the optically active 6,5-bicyclic ketol described so far only in the Hajos-Parrish publications ...
Wieland–Miescher Ketone
... Examples of syntheses performed using the optically active enantiomer of this diketone as a starting material are that of ancistrofuran and the Danishefsky total synthesis of Taxol ... In this patent, the isolation and characterization of the above pictured optically active intermediate bicyclic ketol (in parentheses) has also been ... of the bicyclic ketol intermediate, it leads directly to the optically active bicyclic dione ...

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