What is mature?


Mature is the adjectival form of maturity, which has several meanings.

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... transmembrane protein that is cleaved to form a mature, secreted protein ... The C-terminus of the precursor protein contains a 25 kDa mature protein called leukocyte cell-derived chemotaxin-1 or chondromodulin-1 ... The mature protein promotes chondrocyte growth and inhibits angiogenesis ...
Chrysomya Bezziana - Life Cycle
... The males become sexually mature after 24 hours of leaving their puparium (the hardened shell the pupae mature in), while females take about 6–7 days to ...
Mir-166 Micro RNA Precursor
... In this case the mature sequence comes from the 3' arm of the precursor, and both Arabidopsis thaliana and rice genomes contain a number of related miRNA precursors which give rise to almost identical mature sequences ... The mature products are thought to have regulatory roles through complementarity to messenger RNA ...
... The mature form is predominant in innervated adult muscle and the embryonic form is present in fetal and denervated muscle ... Embryonic and mature AChR differ by the replacement of the gamma subunit in the pentameric glycoprotein complex by its isoform, the epsilon subunit (MIM 100725), which ...
... Mature is the adjectival form of maturity, which has several meanings ... Mature may also refer to "Mature 17+", a rating in the Entertainment Software Rating Board video game rating system Mature, a character from The King of Fighters series Victor Mature (1913 ...

More definitions of "mature":

  • (adj): Characteristic of maturity.
    Example: "Mature for her age"
  • (verb): Develop and work out fully in one's mind.
    Example: "I need to mature my thoughts"
  • (verb): Cause to ripen and discharge pus.
    Synonyms: suppurate
  • (verb): Develop and reach maturity; undergo maturation.
    Synonyms: maturate, grow
  • (verb): Become due for repayment.
    Example: "These bonds mature in 2005"
  • (adj): Having reached full natural growth or development.
    Example: "A mature cell"
  • (adj): (of birds) having developed feathers or plumage; often used in combination.
    Synonyms: fledged
  • (adj): Fully developed or matured and ready to be eaten or used.
    Example: "Full-bodies mature wines"
    Synonyms: ripe
  • (adj): Fully considered and perfected.
    Example: "Mature plans"
    Synonyms: matured
  • (verb): Cause to ripen or develop fully.
    Synonyms: ripen

Famous quotes containing the word mature:

    Many more children observe attitudes, values and ways different from or in conflict with those of their families, social networks, and institutions. Yet today’s young people are no more mature or capable of handling the increased conflicting and often stimulating information they receive than were young people of the past, who received the information and had more adult control of and advice about the information they did receive.
    James P. Comer (20th century)

    Young people love what is interesting and odd, no matter how true or false it is. More mature minds love what is interesting and odd about truth. Fully mature intellects, finally, love truth, even when it appears plain and simple, boring to the ordinary person; for they have noticed that truth tends to reveal its highest wisdom in the guise of simplicity.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Do they merit vitriol, even a drop of it? Yes, because they corrupt the young, persuading them that the mature world, which produced Beethoven and Schweitzer, sets an even higher value on the transient anodynes of youth than does youth itself.... They are the Hollow Men. They are electronic lice.
    Anthony Burgess (b. 1917)