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X86 Extended Precision Format - Need For The 80-bit Format
... s is the sign of the exponent (either 0 or 1), E is the unbiased exponent which is an integer that ranges from 0 to 1023, and M is the significand which is a 53-bit value that falls in the range 1 ... becomes the sign of the logarithm, the exponent of the original value becomes the integer part of the significand of the logarithm, and the significand ... Because E is an integer in the range 0 to 1023, up to 10 bits to the left of the radix point are needed to represent the integer part of the logarithm ...
Calculating Continued Fraction Representations
... Let i be the integer part and f the fractional part of r ... fraction representation of a number r, write down the integer part (technically the floor) of r ... Subtract this integer part from r ...
0.999... - Analytic Proofs
... consisting of an optional sign, a finite sequence of any number of digits forming an integer part, a decimal separator, and a sequence of digits forming ... the integer part can be summarized as b0 and one can neglect negatives, so a decimal expansion has the form It should be noted that the fraction part, unlike the ...

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