What is ignition?

  • (noun): The mechanism that ignites the fuel in an internal-combustion engine.
    Synonyms: ignition system
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Lycoming O-145 - Variants
... O-145-A Four-cylinder, direct drive, 55 hp (41 kW), single ignition 0-145-A3 Four-cylinder, direct drive, 55 hp (41 kW), single ignition, with starter and generator ...
Carbureted Compression Ignition Model Engines
... A Carbureted compression ignition model engine, popularly known as a Model diesel engine, is a simple compression ignition engine made for model propulsion, usually model aircraft but also ... of methanol-based fuels with a hot wire filament to provide ignition ... Despite their name, their use of compression ignition, and the use of a kerosene fuel that is similar to diesel, model diesels share very little with full-size diesel engines ...
Alexander John Forsyth
... Forsyth (1768–1843) was a Scottish Presbyterian clergyman who invented the percussion ignition ... Gunsmiths like Joseph Manton invented more reliable forms of ignition, like the tube lock in 1814 ... These new forms of ignition proved popular among hunters during the Regency period, who had their old reliable flintlocks converted ...
Ignition - Other
... Ignition (event), a Burning Man regional event held in Montreal, Quebec Ignition (student training), a transition and mentorship program that is implemented in high schools across the United States ...
Triumph TR65 Thunderbird - Development
... silencer, using points instead of electronic ignition and a drum rear brake instead of the more expensive disc ... There was no tachometer and the warning lights and ignition switch were housed in their pod instead ... albeit one factory-fitted with the electronic ignition and electric starter options (hence the 'S' suffix) and after-market Hedingham leading link front forks carried Richard and Mopsa English and a Squire ...

More definitions of "ignition":

  • (noun): The process of initiating combustion.