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... Hyman is the surname of Alan Hyman (1910 - 1999), author and screenwriter Albert Hyman (1893 - 1972), co-inventor of the artificial pacemaker Anthony Hyman (1947 - 1999), author and specialist ... Hyman (born 1961), British scientist Bill Hyman (1875 - 1959), English cricketer Dick Hyman (born 1927), American jazz pianist/keyboardist and composer Eric Hyman, (born 1951?), collegiate athletic director Flora ... Hyman, Vice President for Corporate Relations for Sinclair Broadcast Group Misty Hyman (born 1979), American swimmer and Olympic gold medalist Phyllis Hyman (1949 - 1995), American soul singer, model and actress ...
Amore (The Hooters Album) - Track Listing
... Amore" (Rob Hyman, Eric Bazilian) - (331) "Blood From A Stone" (Rob Hyman, Eric Bazilian) - (319) "Hanging On A Heartbeat" (Rob Hyman, Eric Bazilian, Glenn Goss, Jeff Ziv) - (301) "All You Zombies ...
Pseudobiceros - Species
... Palombi, 1931) Pseudobiceros evelinae (Marcus, 1950) Pseudobiceros ferrugineus (Hyman, 1959) Pseudobiceros flavomarginatus (Laidlaw, 1902) Pseudobiceros fulvogriseus (Hyman ...
Alan Hyman
... Alan Maurice Hyman (10 January 1910 - 23 February 1999) was an English author, journalist and film writer ... Hyman was the son of A Hyman, and was educated at St Cyprian's School, Repton School and Magdalene College, Cambridge ... Hyman wrote scripts for BBC radio including the programme Spotlight on a Tunesmith compered by Ben Lyon and Pioneers of Jazz among other musical ...

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    It is now time to stop and to ask ourselves the question which my last commanding officer, Admiral Hyman Rickover, asked me and every other young naval officer who serves or has served in an atomic submarine. For our Nation M for all of us M that question is, “Why not the best?”
    Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.)