What is graduate?

  • (adj): Of or relating to studies beyond a bachelor's degree.
    Example: "Graduate courses"
    Synonyms: postgraduate
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Graduate refers to someone who has been the subject of a graduation. (See also: Alumnus)

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Graduate - Other Uses
... Graduate (dinghy), a 12.5-foot sailing dinghy Graduated cylinder, a container with graduated markings used for measuring liquids ...
Gordon College (Massachusetts) - Academics
... Gordon offers both a graduate degree in education and music ... The Graduate Education program offers M.A.T ... The Graduate Music program offers a M.M.Ed.degree, Licensure-only options, and workshops ...
Franklin Pierce University - Academics - Graduate Programs
... Franklin Pierce also offers students master's degrees, doctoral degrees, and a few graduate certificate programs ... These programs take place at their Graduate Professional Studies centers in Concord, West Lebanon, Manchester, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, as well as in Goodyear ...
Graduate Diploma
... The Graduate Diploma is a postgraduate academic qualification taken after a Bachelor's degree ... It is usually awarded by a University or a Graduate school ... It is also possible for graduate diploma holders to progress to a Master's degree on an accelerated pathway compared to first embarking on a 3 or 4-year degree ...
Messiah College - Alumni
... under the administrations of Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush 1948 graduate Ray Crist Chemist, Worked on the Manhattan Project. 1916 graduate of "Messiah School" Brennan Swain Amazing Race Season 1 Winner/ Actor 1993 graduate Monica Goodling Director of Public Affairs for the U.S ... attorneys controversy 1995 graduate Chris Boyles Internationally competitive decathlete 2002 graduate Brian Sell Olympic-qualifying marathon runner ...

More definitions of "graduate":

  • (verb): Confer an academic degree upon.
    Example: "This school graduates 2,000 students each year"
  • (verb): Receive an academic degree upon completion of one's studies.
    Example: "She graduated in 1990"
  • (noun): A measuring instrument for measuring fluid volume; a glass container (cup or cylinder or flask) whose sides are marked with or divided into amounts.
  • (noun): A person who has received a degree from a school (high school or college or university).
    Synonyms: alumnus, alumna, alum, grad
  • (verb): Make fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring.
    Example: "Graduate a cylinder"
    Synonyms: calibrate, fine-tune

Famous quotes containing the word graduate:

    Miss Caswell is an actress, a graduate of the Copacabana school of dramatic arts.
    Joseph L. Mankiewicz (1909–1993)

    In the United States, it is now possible for a person eighteen years of age, female as well as male, to graduate from high school, college, or university without ever having cared for, or even held, a baby; without ever having comforted or assisted another human being who really needed help. . . . No society can long sustain itself unless its members have learned the sensitivities, motivations, and skills involved in assisting and caring for other human beings.
    Urie Bronfenbrenner (b. 1917)

    I am not impressed by the Ivy League establishments. Of course they graduate the best—it’s all they’ll take, leaving to others the problem of educating the country. They will give you an education the way the banks will give you money—provided you can prove to their satisfaction that you don’t need it.
    Peter De Vries (b. 1910)