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... The Exclusion Crisis ran from 1678 through 1681 in the reign of Charles II of England ... The Exclusion Bill sought to exclude the king's brother and heir presumptive, James, Duke of York, from the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland ... The Tories were opposed to this exclusion while the "Country Party," who were soon to be named the Whigs, supported it ...
William Russell, Lord Russell - Exclusion Debates
... Only six days after this, Russell moved for a committee to draw up a bill to secure religion and property in case of a popish successor, rather than advocating his exclusion ... influence, he went still further by seconding the motion for exclusion in its most emphatic shape, and on the 19th carried the exclusion bill to the House ... On 18 December, he moved to refuse supplies until the king passed the Exclusion Bill ...
Roundheads - Origins and Background
... derision toward the end of 1641, when the debates in Parliament in the Bishops Exclusion Bill were causing riots at Westminster ... with republican tendencies up until the Exclusion Bill crisis of 1678–1681 the term was then superseded by Whig, initially another term with pejorative connotations ... Likewise during Exclusion Bill crisis, the term Cavalier was replaced with Tory, a term introduced by the opponents of the Tories, and also initially a pejorative term ...
Tory (British Political Party) - 1678–1760 - 1678–1688
... term, Tory entered English politics during the Exclusion Bill crisis of 1678–81 ... The Whigs (initially an insult — 'whiggamore,' a cattle driver,) were those who supported the exclusion of James, the Duke of York from the succession to thrones of Scotland and England Ireland (the 'P ... That the Exclusion Bill was the central question upon which parties diverged, did not hinge upon an assessment of the personal character of the Duke ...

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